Halal Tourism – A Rising Trend in Middle East

During recent years, the tourism industry has begun taking into consideration the needs of conservative families in the Gulf region, thereby introducing a new trend known as “Halal Tourism”.

The trend was first introduced in Malaysia, which owned the credit of being a perfect destination for conservative Gulf families seeking touristic entertainment and scenic locations, while also being able to abide by Muslim teachings and traditions.

Soon, Turkey followed suit, with introduction of hotels that do not serve alcohol, and have separate swimming pools and spas for men and women. More countries are not trying to draw in tourists from Muslim countries for economic gains, and have thus begun introducing systems with more religious beliefs for these people. What to do at sentosa singapore 

The “Halal tourism” industry is now even flying planes that have no alcohol or port products being served, and prayer timings are being announced, apart from the broadcast of religious segments and programs as part of the entertainment programs on board.

A study conducted predicts that several carriers may adopt these policies to draw in more tourists from the Gulf. Most international hotels at present serve “halal” food, slaughtered in accordance with Muslim teachings and is free of pork products, with more assistants of Arab origin being employed.

The concept of Islamic hotels is also on the rise, although first in UAE, it is now catching up by other investors too in the Gulf State. Many hotel groups plans to build hotels around the world by the year 2013, starting wit Egypt, followed by UAE, Malaysia, Europe, US and then China.


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