How to be CISA certified without experience


Spoilers alert, we won’t share any magic spell here that you chant and in 7 days you become a CISA certified Practitioner without paying anything just out in thin air. I am sorry if you are one of those who believe that voodoo can get me what I want then I am really sorry that’s not how the world & laws of nature activities. Law of attraction also suggests you be happy, dream & visualize more often to get what you want, but it also suggests to act for what you visualize with relentless determination & conviction. Look CISA, CIA, TOGAF, AWS etc. are not impossible to achieve or the toughest certifications. They are toughest because the candidate’s preparation is haphazard & they tend to lose interest very early during preparation.

Just think of a moment, how tough your daily job will be as a security analyst, security assessment director, security engineer. The whole organization would crumble if you have made just a minor mistake, the architecture will face serious glitches if there is any discrepancy on your part.

To ascertain that a candidate is not new to the environment ISACA has fixed some stern eligibility criteria. CISA certified professionals are not generalists anymore they work as a specialist & that’s the reason which is reflected in their paychecks which can go as far as $150000 plus per annum. After-effects of the certification include growth in job satisfaction, onboarding in the top hierarchy of the management, increase in social status & obviously great demand in the market. Professionals who are CISA certified have also opened their own startups to help small businesses & also work on a contract which helps them to draw large paychecks in less time.

The Experience

Look at the rate of cybersecurity attacks by hackers & criminals, and it is growing each passing day. To make you strong as your counterpart, CISA has made mandatory for its candidates to have an influential position in any company under information Security, IT governance or related fields like Asset management. A candidate is expected to have at least 4000 hours of work experience which totals to 5 years of experience in full-time roles or position in a company.

The CISA tests candidate’s knowledge of IT auditing in the domains of

  1. Information System Auditing Process
  2. Governance & management IT
  3. Information Systems Acquisition, development & implementation
  4. Information Systems Operations & Business Resilience
  5. Protection of Information Assets

The CISA has Experience waiver in which the candidate can substitute his three years of experience with the below solutions to complete five years.

  • A maximum of 12 months of information systems experience
  • A maximum of 12 months of non-IS auditing experience
  • Worked for two years as a full-time university instructor in the field of computer science, accounting, and information Systems auditing, which will be counted as one year of experience.
  • Additionally, a candidate can also include their following educational credits as one year of relevant CISA work experience.
  • Sixty credit hours of university semester & an equivalent to a two year or any associate degree and note that ISACA does not impose ten years preceding rigidness on this type of substitution.
  • Any Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a reputed university that enforces ISACA modular syllabus.
  • A Master’s degree in Information Security or Information technology from an accredited university with which you can submit as a degree or program to waive two years of CISA work experience.
  • If you have 4 years or bachelor’s degree or 120 credit hours completed university semester.
  • Or if you are a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA
  • Or full chartered Institute of Management Accountants CIMA certification.
  • And lastly, a candidate can employ a post-graduate degree in information systems or a related field to waive three years of CISA work experience.

Experience verification

Candidate has to submit the required work experience through a verification form.

CISA certification 

A candidate has to submit application verification certificate in the portal of ISACA, and the processing will take a duration of 3 weeks. A candidate needs to pay $50 as non-refundable fees to process the application. After processing the ISACA will deliver a packet which could take 5-8 weeks.